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What is a Spotter and what does he do?


There is so many different hobbies.

It is good to have a hobby. You can be jogging in the forest, sitting fishing, playing football or do something completely different.
The main thing is that one has something to do in the free time.

One of these is spotting.

As a spotter you can spot cars, trains, ships, birds, aircrafts etc. that you meet on your way - and to register what you see.

What I spot is aircrafts, and I love it.

Who can claim that they have never turned their heads to look up at an aircraft flying by?

Generally an aircraft-spotter is a person, who spots aircrafts. But this hobby has many variants.

You can simply look at the aircrafts, you can put down their registrations in notebooks, and you can make photos or video. Or you can combine all. You decide yourself.

Then you can divide spotters into further categories. Some only spot civil aircrafts, others spot military aircrafts. Some only spot aircrafts of a specific kind. Some spotters look at all kinds of aircrafts.

Some, or maybe most, spotters only visit 'their' local airports, while other spotters travel around, either in their country or abroad. Some even travel around the World!!

Peoples attitude to our hobby is however not always positive. Some just shake their heads, while others - especially authorities - might be even hostile.

So all in all our hobby in many ways is as big and of great variety as for instant collecting stamps. But the spotter gets more fresh air!