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Spotting in Kastrup Airport


No spotting in Kastrup Airport!

If you are an enthusiast or aircraft-spotter, and you want to exercise your hobby in Kastrup Airport, then you have a problem!


In Kastrup Airport, the best airport of the World, you can spot from a pile of dirt at a cafeteria.

Thinking about it, however, you can not be surprised.
If you have ever been at Kastrup Airport to meet, or to see off someone, then it is not the airport where you can find entertainment, comfort, a place to sit, a cheap place to get a cup of coffee, or an observation deck.

If you for some reason have to go to the airport, or you just have an interest of going there, all you can do is to stand and look at a monitor showing arrival or departure times. You can be lucky and find a bench to sit. If you want to smoke you have to go outside.
If you want a cup of tea or coffee then remember to bring plenty of money. It is a lousy treatment.

It appears that it is difficult for the authorities of Kastrup Airport to find out how (what most other international airports has done) to treat people in a decent manner.

Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup, does not hesitate to publish that the airport has been elected the best airport of the World. As a passenger I can very well understand this. For the relatives or business partners of the passengers or other visitors to the airport, it is a quite different matter. In this respect I would say that it is the worst airport of the World.

It is said that 50.000 passengers use the airport every day. It is likely that several more thousands people, who are not going to fly, are spending their time in the airport every day. People who has nothing to do except waiting.
It is therefore high time that the Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup, makes the airport attractive to all people visiting the airport. For the waiting relatives and for the enthusiastic aircraft spotters. Give us an observation deck with a cafeteria and a playground for the children - why not negotiate with 'Flyvergrillen' to take part of the project?

In the meantime we have to stand on 'our' pile of dirt of 'Flyvergrillen', until newly planted trees grow bigger. Then the pile has to be made higher!
On a good summer day I counted around 1000 people there - well done to 'Flyvergrillen'.


Why are they so nervous?

As mentioned, Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup, still has a long way left to make it an attractive airport for the users.
And I believe it will remain like that. The security does not match the need for servicing the visitors. Only the passengers are taken into account. 

I find it strange, that it is easier to spot aircrafts at Airbase Vaerloese than at Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup.

What does the Airport Security expect? Do they expect that somebody will stand in the middle of a crowdie cafeteria, ready to shoot down an airliner? When you drive in a car, you are not allowed to stop on the roads outside the fence. Do they expect mad people with bad intentions to respect this?
Why not make a fence around the whole island of Amager and prevent people to go there?

Lately I observed that employees from the airport shout at people visiting Flyvergrillen as "What are you doing there?". Maybe a childish joke, but annoying to the visitors and a discredit to the airport.

The measures undertaken around the airport, leave you with the impression, that aircraft-spotters are dangerous terrorists, who are just waiting to hit aircrafts - the aircrafts that they love to look at again and again.

If some terrorists want to hit an aircraft in Copenhagen, it can be easily done at 'better' places than among enthusiasts.

Oh yes - we are dangerous - we are spotting aircrafts!!!!
So get us in at the airport where you can keep an eye on us!